Suncycle expands its Customer Service for S-Energy

Hamburg | 22.Feb.2016

Suncycle signed today a cooperation agreement with the Korean module producer S-Energy. During an official ceremony in Seoul the CEOs of both companies, Mr. Sung-Min Hong and Dr. Mischa Paterna, confirmed the importance of the agreement for S-Energy and Suncycle.

The exclusive agreement comprises the complete after-sales service for Europe and includes, besides the technical customer service in 5 languages, also tests, repairs and the complete warranty management. S-Energy receives, as a result of the cooperation, optimum support for installers as well as professional answering of questions from end consumers.

Already before the final signing of the agreement S-Energy could convince itself of the efficiency and capabilities of Suncycle during an extensive test- and pilot phase. A particular competence of Suncycle lies in the holistic support for industrial customers. In that connection, modular service building blocks are offered with which the company’s own customer service can be quickly and effectively reinforced.

On the basis of the positive experiences gained during the cooperation in the European market the companies has already started to discuss about the extension of the services to Asia and America.

Dr. Mischa Paterna emphasised after the signing, “S-Energy’s clients benefit from Suncycle’s broad and long-standing experience in the industrial after-sales and from our specialised technical knowledge. All needed competencies, from a single repair project till the fully integrated management of warranty claims, can be offered from a single source.”

Sung-Min Hong, S-Energy’s CEO, adds, “By means of the cooperation with Suncycle we obtain a professional service structure for our European clients and can cope with cultural and language challenges in an optimum manner.”

About S-Energy:

S-Energy started as Samsung Electronics Solar Division in 1994 and established itself under its own name as S-Energy subsequently (095910:KOSDAQ). the Company is one of the industry’s oldest and most experienced PV module manufacturers with an annual production capacity of 530MW.

More than twenty years of experience as a leading solar module manufacturer enable S-Energy to offer a consistently improving photovoltaic state-of-the-art technology.  that results in a worthy achievement such as the world’s first module certified by ‘Underwriters Laboratory’ (UL) for a system voltage of 1,500V that renders it possible to reduce the installation costs significantly Furthermore, Bloomberg rates S-Energy  as one of the world’s most bankable top-tier solar companies.

From offices in Asia and North America, S-Energy also provides development and financing to assist customers in ensuring the success of their complex solar projects, diversifying its services systematically in the direction of O&M and plant optimization. Learn more at

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