SUNCYCLE launches a repiar solution for Solar-Fabrik modules with certification

Repair of Solar-Fabrik modules

Solar-Fabrik AG has informed that a faulty welded joint can lead to damage at the junction boxes.

In April 2015, a serial fault was identified in Solar-Fabrik modules that could cause a fire, but which luckily has not yet led to a fire. Affected customers should disconnect the modules from the grid as an emergency measure. After the modules in question have been shut down, they should only be put back into service after their successful repair or if there is no danger of any consequential damage due to a box fire.

Suncycle will perform the necessary repairs in place of the bankrupt Solar-Fabrik AG without any legal obligation.

Suncycle is a specialist in the performance of Europe-wide recall projects. A separate team has thus been put together to take care of the Solar-Fabrik projects. Call the service number +49 (0) 3643 830 0725 to talk to Suncycle staff who will be happy to answer your questions.

What makes the repair method developed by Suncycle special is the fact that all certificates originally issued by Solar-Fabrik remain valid.

You are warned against carrying out your own repairs or of accepting unqualified offers of a solution in view of the fire risk described above!

Are your modules affected too?
Check your modules on the basis of their serial numbers to determine whether they constitute a risk or whether they can continue to generate solar power safely.


Are your pv-modules affected too?

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