Our Commitment

Suncycle pursues a corporate strategy aligned to innovation and technological leadership with a clear customer and market orientation. We always aspire to technological innovations and excellent technical solutions and processes that pay off economically in the range of services we offer for our customers.

Our goal is to offer customers a genuine competitive edge through the quality, speed and cost-efficiency of our services. We always proceed from the assumption that the current status can be improved. Our business philosophy is based on:

  • Cooperation between all employees that is focused, respectful and interdisciplinary,
  • A high level of employee qualification as a basis for innovative and dedicated employees,
  • A genuine understanding of our customers and their service needs,
  • Offering the right services in conjunction with the right technologies on the market,
  • The pursuit of technological innovations and excellent technical solutions so as to optimise our services,
  • New ways of thinking and ideas that are implemented both consistently and professionally,
  • Ensuring operative excellence in daily business through process reliability based on state-of-the-art job instructions and their digital reproduction,
  • The responsibility for our environment and the surroundings in which we enjoy living. We support various youth organisations and sports clubs. We pay special attention to the well-being of our employees and their families.