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FENECON chooses Suncycle as his service partner.

Hamburg company takes over extended services for FENECON battery storage.

Deggendorf, April 24, 2018: The service and technology company Suncycle GmbH is now the first point of contact for FENECON storage systems. All technical inquiries, especially from installers, are thus routed to Suncycle’s trained experts under a uniform nationwide telephone number. The call-flow management enables short response times and quick help, for example with questions about commissioning.

A central component of the cooperation is the connection of the IT systems of Suncycle and FENECON, which benefits installers in particular through rapid technical support. Thanks to Suncycle’s support of the technical hotline, FENECON offers its trade partners even better accessibility, but also faster access to up-to-date information about storage solutions.

Thanks to the used systems, employees can usually answer questions immediately. In addition, accessing the storage devices remotely will, in most cases, allow you to quickly resolve any issues that may arise – this also covers the areas of maintenance and repair. For larger jobs requiring on-site presence, FENECON will continue to stand by with its service team, working directly with Suncycle.

Future Europe-wide cooperation

At the same time, Suncycle and its partner network support service or installations on-site. For this purpose, FENECON and Suncycle jointly train qualified specialist companies, so that services can be carried out directly with contact persons in the regions. This collaboration initially covers Germany. Both companies have already announced that they intend to extend the service to the rest of Europe.

“We are pleased that we have found a partner in Suncycle, which comprehensively and energetically supports our customer base in the rapidly growing storage market.” says Franz-Josef Feilmeier, Managing Director of FENECON GmbH. Christian Straub, Managing Director of Suncycle GmbH, emphasizes: “Through this cooperation, FENECON underlines its claim to be a leading supplier of storage systems to offer its specialist partners and end customers project-specific and professional support. We are pleased that we can bring our daily contribution to that.”

Important service

Currently, the installed base of FENECON includes several thousand systems. The storage systems are basically maintenance-free, but service support is required above all for connection and commissioning. So installers have the opportunity to have their systems configured by the Suncycle service experts in real time via remote maintenance access systems.

New cooperation: Suncycle and Stern Energy offer pv-services throughout Italy

Suncycle and the Italian O&M provider Stern Energy offer with immediate effect extensive service performances for Italian pv-systems. Therefore both companies signed a cooperation agreement. The first common presence will take place as Diamond sponsor at the Solar Asset Management Europe conference in Milan.

Stern Energy operates Italian pv-plants with a total power of 140 MWp on 60 sites. The long-time experience of the company will be now supplemented by the test and repair competence of Suncycle. Together they offer from now on a widespread availability and a unique portfolio of solar services.

Suncycle continues with this cooperation its internationalization process. Already last year the company founded a subsidiary in the United States, this September an additional branch in Great Britain was opened.

Dr. Mischa Paterna, managing director of Suncycle: „The synergies of our cooperation offer new perspectives and significant advantages especially to our international after-sales customer’s. Now we are able to offer our services from the north of Scotland to the south of Europe with short distances out of one hand.”

„Until now mobile labs and modern test- & repair methods are barely available in the Italian solar market“, said Stefan Torri, CEO and owner of Stern Energy. “With the mobile Suncycle labs we are now able to detect yield problems of pv-plants much earlier and better than before. This means for our customers a higher availability and thus higher yields.”

Suncycle and Stern Energy are the Diamond Sponsors of the leading European O&M conference. Meet both companies at the Solar Asset Management Europe in Milan.

SUNCYCLE Success at Clean Energy Live

Suncycle (UK) launched its new UK based services at this year’s Clean Energy Live event at the NEC (Birmingham) last week. The attendance to the show was impressive and the interest in Suncycle’s extensive range of services was great.

Our stand drew in a lot of interest in our CTU® brand of intelligent O&M services, and enabled us to meet with owners, operators, asset managers, EPC’s, O&M service providers, solar & storage OEM’s and developers to discuss Suncycle’s full range of services.

We are looking forward to supporting our new clients and delivering the following services within the UK:

  • High Quality, Technically Competent and Health & Safety Focused O&M Services
  • Electrical testing & repair with in-house SAP’s and AP’s
  • IV-Curve testing
  • CTU Air ®: Providing Thermographic (IR) & Electroluminescence (EL) by drone
  • CTU Flex®: Electroluminescence of PV modules in-situ/as mounted
  • CTU Lab®: High Resolution Electroluminescence & Flash (IV) Mobile Test Laboratory
  • PID Detection & Healing Solutions
  • Site Health Checks / End of Warranty Period Inspections
  • Aftersales Services for module, inverter & storage OEM’s


Suncycle launch new joint venture to service the UK market

Following on from its European & US success, Suncycle is now bringing its expertise to the British market in association with UK based company Cobalt Energy, to deliver outstanding service and results for both new and existing industry clients.

Combining the bankable global brand and technical expertise of Suncycle GmbH with the dynamic and professional customer facing services of UK based Cobalt Energy Ltd, the venture will be headed up by Mr John Davies as Managing Director and supported by both Suncycle (Germany) and Cobalt Energy boards of Directors.

Operations are already underway within the UK with much interest in the mobile laboratory testing capabilities and advanced O&M toolkit which Suncycle offer, all of which provides customers with a ‘one stop shop’ for operating, maintaining and optimising their PV assets.

Come and see us at Clean Energy Live at the NEC – 4-6th October 2016 STAND G16.


New Telephone System offers Customers of After-Sales-Service additional Comfort Functions

Test phase successfully completed – Move to new premises

After a successful test phase Suncycle implemented a completely new IP telephone system. This system renders all currently possible comfort services available for our After-Sales customers. The direct link to our ticket and CRM- system allows a comprehensive integration, even into existing systems of customers. Data entered into our ticket system will be transferred in real time to the systems of our After-Sales customers, just as if we were directly within your premises. Implementation of our new telephone system was accompanied by having our Customer Competence Center moved into new larger-sized office rooms. There is space for further staff so that

For further information about the extended technical service scope please go to  Avaya Referenzen.

PADCON and SUNCYCLE hand in hand against PID

Hamburg | 26.Mai.2016

PID full service package – remedy for output losses in PV installations

The service and technology companies SUNCYCLE and PADCON are now offering a joint all-in-one service package which detects and eliminates potential induced degradation (PID). The PID effect occurs most commonly in crystalline photovoltaic modules and can lead to output losses, and therefore also yield losses, of up to 90 percent. This strategic partnership offers plant operators all the necessary services, from PID detection to regeneration of entire photovoltaic installations, from a single source.

Dr. Mischa Paterna, Managing Director of SUNCYCLE: “Operators who suspect that their installations are affected by PID benefit from our cooperation as we are offering them an one-stop-shop solution. To start with, SUNCYCLE performs a precise analysis of the installation. With our mobile measurement system, the modules do not even need to be dismounted, and measurements can also be taken during the day.”

SUNCYCLE has extensive experience with PID, boasting over 50 MWp of regenerated PV capacity. A cost-efficient electroluminescence test can be performed on site using the portable Compact Test Unit (CTU Flex EL). If the measurement confirms the suspicion of PID, PADCON Float Controllers are installed to regenerate the affected modules. They are anti-PID boxes, also known as offset boxes, which are connected in parallel to the installation near to the inverter. Whilst the inverter is inactive, these “PID killers” raise the PV field to a high voltage, which regenerates the degraded modules.

This way, even seriously degraded modules can often be recovered up to 90 percent of the original output after 4 or 5 weeks. As the companies have learnt through their customer projects, recognizing the PID effect as early as possible is paramount, not only to avoid yield losses, but also to maximize the probability of being able to fully remedy the affected modules. According to their experience, a module whose output has fallen to 30% of the original output level cannot be fully regenerated.

PADCON Managing Director, Constantin Wenzlik: “We have been working on PID prevention and regeneration since 2011, and draw on experience from over 1,000 installed devices in 20 countries around the world. Our Float Controller product family includes solutions for all power ratings and installation sizes with string or central inverters.”

PADCON and SUNCYCLE offer their joint services in Germany and throughout Europe. Enquiries regarding their product range can be directed to both companies.

Suncycle expands its Customer Service for S-Energy

Hamburg | 22.Feb.2016

Suncycle signed today a cooperation agreement with the Korean module producer S-Energy. During an official ceremony in Seoul the CEOs of both companies, Mr. Sung-Min Hong and Dr. Mischa Paterna, confirmed the importance of the agreement for S-Energy and Suncycle.

The exclusive agreement comprises the complete after-sales service for Europe and includes, besides the technical customer service in 5 languages, also tests, repairs and the complete warranty management. S-Energy receives, as a result of the cooperation, optimum support for installers as well as professional answering of questions from end consumers.

Already before the final signing of the agreement S-Energy could convince itself of the efficiency and capabilities of Suncycle during an extensive test- and pilot phase. A particular competence of Suncycle lies in the holistic support for industrial customers. In that connection, modular service building blocks are offered with which the company’s own customer service can be quickly and effectively reinforced.

On the basis of the positive experiences gained during the cooperation in the European market the companies has already started to discuss about the extension of the services to Asia and America.

Dr. Mischa Paterna emphasised after the signing, “S-Energy’s clients benefit from Suncycle’s broad and long-standing experience in the industrial after-sales and from our specialised technical knowledge. All needed competencies, from a single repair project till the fully integrated management of warranty claims, can be offered from a single source.”

Sung-Min Hong, S-Energy’s CEO, adds, “By means of the cooperation with Suncycle we obtain a professional service structure for our European clients and can cope with cultural and language challenges in an optimum manner.”

About S-Energy:

S-Energy started as Samsung Electronics Solar Division in 1994 and established itself under its own name as S-Energy subsequently (095910:KOSDAQ). the Company is one of the industry’s oldest and most experienced PV module manufacturers with an annual production capacity of 530MW.

More than twenty years of experience as a leading solar module manufacturer enable S-Energy to offer a consistently improving photovoltaic state-of-the-art technology.  that results in a worthy achievement such as the world’s first module certified by ‘Underwriters Laboratory’ (UL) for a system voltage of 1,500V that renders it possible to reduce the installation costs significantly Furthermore, Bloomberg rates S-Energy  as one of the world’s most bankable top-tier solar companies.

From offices in Asia and North America, S-Energy also provides development and financing to assist customers in ensuring the success of their complex solar projects, diversifying its services systematically in the direction of O&M and plant optimization. Learn more at