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Supply Chain Quality Management

Planning the quality environment in advance saves many future problems.

Selecting a TIER 1 manufacturer does not guarantee the quality or reliability of the product; it only suggests bankability. In addition, field modules are not
representative of the IEC61215 certified module due to variations in production processes, material exchange, change in rolling procedure and production in
OEM factories not listed in IEC certification. TIER 1 module manufacturers have multiple factory locations to meet demand and quality varies for different
workshops and OEM partners.



The best time to negotiate the quality standards required for the project is at the time of signing the contract. Product specifications, bill of materials certifications and external testing should be agreed upon in advance, as well as lot standards and acceptance levels. standards and batch acceptance levels. Let Suncycle accompany you during the negotiation the negotiation process and you will sign a solid agreement with your suppliers.


Auditing the manufacturer and its production lines is a very important preliminary step,
to rule out factories that do not meet the necessary quality standards or to identify
areas of improvement that will result in a better product. Even the so-called TIER1
operate factories of various qualities or even make OEM manufacturing orders to third
parties. It is key to agree during the contract negotiation exactly where your project
equipment will be manufactured. Our approach to the manufacturer is always proactive and constructive, facilitating the supplier-customer relationship. Instead of subjecting
the manufacturer to an audit in which to draw faults, we approach the process as an
opportunity for improvement. Suncycle is always welcome in PV factories!